Why Liquid Fertilisers?
Why Liquid Fertilisers?

Liquid fertilisers are more effective, more economic, less labour intensive and require less mechanisation.

They can be applied:

  • with precision, right up to the field border - but no further. This reduces waste and helps compliance with NVZ guidelines, while ensuring consistency of application, and eliminating field margin contamination.
  • using much wider booms than are possible with solids, saving time, essential in a short weather windows, and minimising wheel damage. Fertilising becomes a "one man, one machine" operation.
  • even when weather conditions are unsuitable for spraying pesticides.

Easily transportable, and stored in tanks, they release buildings for more profitable use and remove the fire hazard presented by burning bags.

Why BFS liquid fertilisers?

BFS products have been shown to achieve better results. And our uniquely prepared, more concentrated, solutions allow farmers to reduce application rates. 

Our comprehensive range of liquid fertilisers is formulated and prepared according to each farm's individual detailed soil analysis. So each cereal and oilseed rape crop's exact nutrient requirement can be applied.

Manufactured under our own strict quality control procedures, BFS liquids are stable, non-hazardous and easily applied with conventional sprayers.

Want to switch? BFS can help farmers to switch seamlessly from solids to liquids with its storage facilities and range of tank siting, maintenance and inspection services.

BFS liquid fertilisers ... can be stored in tanks, releasing buildings for more profitable use.