Nitrogen Fertilisers
Nitrogen Fertilisers

In springtime, the most important element of crop nutrition is nitrogen. We prepare an effective and cost-efficient range of nitrogen solutions for top dressing, including our own unique nitrogen-sulphur formula.

BFS NitroSulph Due to reduced industrial emissions, sulphur has become increasingly essential, particularly on sand and chalky soil. BFS NitroSulph products, which combine sulphur and nitrogen, will provide all the sulphur the crop needs, and more. 

Key to BFS NitroSulph's greater potency are both the higher sulphur content in our own exclusive BFS formula, and our skill in preparing bespoke solutions at our Ilgars plant to meet each farm's own crop specific requirements. The result means lower application rates saving both time and labour.

BFS NitroSulph contains a urease inhibitor, which reduces the loss of nitrogen from leaching or as ammonia in the atmosphere. BFS NitroSulph has also been shown to improve the absorption rate of other nutrients in the soil, such as phosphate, manganese and iron, during the plant's growth. For more information, download our new BFS NitroSulph leaflet.

BFS Nitrogen Fertiliser Liquid nitrogen fertilisers are based on UAN (urea and ammonium nitrate) solutions, which are dual-acting. The ammonium nitrate is immediately available to the crop, while the urea is released more slowly. Nutrients are therefore available to the crop over a longer period than if treated with either urea or ammonium nitrate alone.

In its fluid form, urea is also less prone to volatilisation, important in dry, warm periods and on chalky soil types.

Although we mix nitrogen solutions to farmers' individual requirements, we also offer a wide standard range of 'off the shelf' solutions, including the more popular nitrogen 28N and nitrogen 30N formulae.

BFS 'Nhanced Nitrogen consumes carbon. So the more you apply, the greater the risk of soil degeneration. To help balance carbon and nitrogen levels in the soil, BFS has developed its own Nitrogen 'Nhanced solution, by adding a high carbohydrate source to the liquid nitrogen. This helps maintain the C:N ratio, protecting the soil for the long term.

For customers preferring a nitrogen and sulphur mixture, we have also developed NitroSulph 'Nhanced, which includes a carbon source to help prevent the degeneration of the soil.

Try complementing our nitrogen fertilisers with our PolyNPlus foliar fertiliser range which, during the later stages of the growing season, is an effective replacement for soil-applied nitrogen.

Application Charts are available here.

BFS liquid fertilisers ... are non-hazardous.