Foliar Nitrogen Fertilisers
Foliar Nitrogen Fertilisers

Our revolutionary new range of foliar fertilisers represents a significant breakthrough in the industry's efforts to enhance nitrogen efficiency and reduce nitrates in the soil and groundwater.

Formulated with urea polymers, sulphur and selected trace elements, the PolyNPlus foliar nitrogen fertiliser range provides a controlled release of nitrogen in a form much more easily absorbed by the crop than traditional products. Its improved leaf adhesion dramatically reduces volatilisation and leaching.

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The PolyNPlus facts

  • Reduces the nitrogen needed without lowering yields.
  • Virtually eliminates nitrate losses.
  • Extremely safe to apply as a foliar fertiliser.
  • Can be tank-mixed with crop protection products.

Extremely low risk of scorch; fewer passes

There is an extremely low risk of crop scorch because of the product's low salt index. PolyNPlus can be used alongside a wide range of crop protection products, reducing the number of passes needed.

Farmers testing PolyNPlus for the first time in 2017 reported significant increases in yield. They also found that it improved crop protein levels when used later in the season and was easy to use.

For more information, see the PolyNPlus brochure. Brochure

BFS PolyNPlus ... reducing nitrate losses and saving farmers time and money.