Liquid Fertiliser Applicators
Liquid Fertiliser Applicators

Accuracy is crucial when applying liquid fertiliser, which is why we recommend the 'BFS Dribble Bar II' and 'BFS AutoStreamer' for soil application and 'BFS Air Bubble Jets' for foliar use.

Soil Applicators The highly efficient manually-operated BFS Dribble Bar II and BFS AutoStreamer have been developed by our sister company, Billericay Farm Services.

The  BFS Dribble Bar II  is the latest version of the dependable and original BfS Dribble Bar. It can achieve application rates of 100 to 700 litres per hectare at 12 kph by selecting one of the 11 different settings. So whatever the boom width or height off the ground, it will apply fertiliser with the highest degree of accuracy and precision. Suitable for all sprayer types, it provides four equal streams from each 50cm outlet, with the distribution rate easily adjusted via a flow-rate dial. 

BfS Dribble Bar and BfS AutoStreamer  Application Charts - download available here

The BFS AutoStreamer offers variable-rate application as well as all the advantages of the BFS Dribble Bar II, including:

  • True variable-rate capability on flow-based sprayers
  • Increased accuracy from individually-fed streams
  • In-cab rate changes controlled from the sprayer control box, at any speed
  • 'On-the-move' application rates of 60 to 1000 litres per hectare (speed and fertiliser dependent)
  • Flow control via pressure-sensitive auto-valves that also act as anti-drip valves 

Foliar applicator BFS Air Bubble Jets are ideal for accurate, even coverage, guaranteeing maximum leaf retention and absorption. They also eliminate drift, while reducing machine contamination.

BfS Air Bubble Jet application chart - download available here

BfS liquid fertilisers ... can be applied with much wider boom widths than solids.