Nutrient Trace Elements
Nutrient Trace Elements

Where there is a nutrient deficiency, BFS trace element formulations can help. Available in 1,000-litre containers, they are also easy to handle and store.

Our comprehensive liquid range includes:

Manganese Much more manageable for farmers in liquid than in solid form and often deficient in high pH soils, manganese is vital to avoid interveinal chlorosis, flaccid leaves and change of leaf colour.

For more information on BFS Foliar Manganese, download our new Foliar Manganese leaflet.

Boron Key to a strong cell wall structure during root and shoot development, even mild shortages can impact on oilseed rape yields. Without it, growth can be stunted and terminal buds lost. Usually applied early in the spring growing season, when the plant can take up between 350 and 450 grams per hectare, it helps develop foliage and fruit, the formation of sugars, the reproductive process and the regulation of water uptake.

BFS liquid fertilisers ... can be applied even when too wet to spray pesticides.