Oilseed Rape Fertilisers
Oilseed Rape Fertilisers

Our Oilseed Kickstart and Oilseed Booster are known to improve the quality and vigour of oilseed rape.

Oilseed Kickstart Applied after the wheat harvest and by mid-September, Oilseed Kickstart helps plants withstand adverse weather and pest damage. A unique blend of nitrogen and premium quality phosphate, it is water soluble, so crops can absorb it more efficiently - and there is no waste. And we can tailor it to meet each farmer's particular needs, by including potash, boron or sulphur as required.

Oilseed Kickstart can also be band sprayed, enabling it to be targeted directly onto the crop and reducing the quantity required.

Oilseed Booster Trials in Europe, Canada and Australia have shown that late application of foliar urea from petal fall to green pod establishment can increase yields by 0.5 to 1.5 tonnes per hectare, and help reduce early pod shatter.

BFS Oilseed Booster contains nitrogen and sulphur, together with the other important elements - copper, boron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and molybdenum - that are vital in the rapid growth phase of oilseed rape.

For best results, we recommend up to 200 litres of Oilseed Booster, diluted in 100 litres of water, per hectare.

BFS liquid fertilisers ... no bags to burn, saving time and clutter.