Supply & Apply
Supply & Apply

Our 'Supply & Apply' service takes the strain out of spring and autumn fertilising, helping save money, labour and time when farmers are busiest.

Costing no more than solid fertilisers, contract-applied fertilisers are suitable for oilseed rape, wheat, barley, sugar beet, potatoes and other vegetable crops, and can be easily tailored with sulphur, boron and other trace elements. They are also more concentrated than clear liquid fertilisers - so less goes further. Customers say they help establish crops and improve yield.

And, on farms in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, BFS will apply them as part of the service, freeing up farm labour. In other words, BFS will not only prepare each individual farmer's optimum suspension, but also deliver and apply it to the crop – for one all-in price.

BFS liquid fertilisers ... reduce wastage through spraying more accurately.

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