Liquid Fertilisers For Better Crop Nutrition
Liquid Fertilisers For Better Crop Nutrition

Billericay Fertiliser Services Ltd (BFS) are UK leaders in crop nutrition. We have been developing and supplying liquid fertilisers since 1948.

Our products are tailored to farmers' and growers' individual needs. We also supply suspension fertilisers, which we can apply using our unique range of specialist equipment. Our success is based on product quality, innovation and having our own dedicated mixing facility, which enables us to meet our customers' specific requirements. 

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Nitrogen and Sulphur  Our superior range
improvescrop yields and reduces application rates

PolyNPlus Foliars  Farmers are achieving great results with
our revolutionary new foliar nitrogen product range - PolyNPlus

Protein Enhancing Fertilisers BFS urea-based solutions with rapid uptake that enhance protein levels in milling wheat
Oilseed Rape Fertilisers  Kickstart and OilseedNBoost have been shown to improve crop quality and yields
Liquid Compounds  Easy-to-store NPK compounds that can be accurately applied
Supply and Apply  Our service saves money, labour and time when farmers are busiest 

BFS liquid fertilisers ... are more effective, more economic, less labour intensive and safer.