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Reduce lodging in oats and barley 

Reduce lodging risk in winter oats, six-row winter barley and spring feed barley and improve specific weight with BFS PolyNPlus foliar nitrogen fertiliser.

Lodging can be a serious problem in winter oats and six-row winter barley while brackling can be a cause of concern in spring barley. One way to reduce the risk of lodging and brackling is to reduce the application of soil-applied nitrogen fertiliser by 20-30 kg/ha and replace it with foliar nitrogen. 

PolyNPlus provides a controlled release of nitrogen in a safe form which is more easily absorbed by the crop than traditional products. It also improves photosynthesis, keeping the flag leaf green and avoiding too rapid elongation growth and consequent stem weakness in winter oats, six-row winter barley and spring feed barley. Unlike conventional liquid fertilisers, PolyNPlus is safe to apply to the leaves of growing crops.

Application guidelines

For winter oats, apply 15l/ha at GS39 and another 15l/ha when panicles start to appear. This can help to improve specific weight and reduce the risk of lodging. For winter six-row barley, apply 25l/ha at GS39-49 which can also help to improve the specific weight. For spring feed barley, apply 20-25l/ha at GS39-49. Tank-mix with crop protection products to reduce the number of passes required.

As well as maximising crop quality, PolyNPlus is a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of nitrogen needed and cut pollution. It is the only product of its kind to be trialled through five years of independent research and is producing excellent results.