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PolyNPlus helps combat fertiliser pressures

10 December 2021

The fertiliser market is in uncharted territory. Record high prices and shortages of nitrogen combined with pressure to reduce nitrogen use for environmental reasons are creating a perfect storm.

One consolation is that grain prices are high currently. The key to capitalising on that bright spot, and tackling the uncertainty facing us in 2022 at the same time, is the ability to reduce the overall level of nitrogen in fertiliser.


Cuts total nitrogen requirements

PolyNPlus is a foliar nitrogen, applied later in the growing season. It reduces the amount of soil-applied nitrogen needed by about 25% while maintaining or increasing yields.

Cuts your carbon footprint

PolyNPlus is proven to be virtually 100% efficient. There are no ammonia losses to the atmosphere or nitrate losses to water courses - so no pollution. Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) can be maximised. PolyNPlus is safe for the environment and improves your carbon footprint.

Saves time and money

Combine PolyNPlus with your fungicide application – users report that it actually improves the fungicide action - and save the cost and time of an additional pass.

PolyNPlus requires less storage space for your fertiliser and, with fewer bags needed, there is less waste.

Guidance on how to use PolyNPlus

As a guide, and depending on soil and weather factors, 25 litres (8.75 kg N/ha) of PolyNPlus replaces 50 kgs of soil-applied nitrogen.

Apply with fungicide applications T1, T2, T3.

Can be applied in: 
one application of up to 25 litres/ha; or
10 litres/ha in each fungicide application.

Uniquely - PolyNPlus has been trialled extensively

PolyNPlus is the only foliar nitrogen which has been extensively and independently trialled. Beware of imitations.

This information is intended for guidance only. It is given in good faith but without guarantee. December 2021.