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Foliar fertiliser to replenish potassium levels

1st June 2021

Potassium and sulphur help plants to improve their uptake of nitrogen and to produce amino acids and proteins. Potassium in the soil is held in solution and is harvested by the plant as its root system moves through the soil. Ensuring adequate potassium nutrition can often present a challenge during the drier summer months.

To help address this problem, BFS Fertiliser Services have produced a high potassium solution to be applied as a mid-season foliar application.

Formulated using very high grade raw materials, PolyNK is a highly labile fertiliser solution made with 300gms K20 and 490gms SO3 per litre (5.5-0-30-50). The addition of polymer nitrogen and organic compounds all combine to make PolyNK rapidly available to the plant.

Key benefits of PolyNK

  • Minimises risk of potassium deficiency in crop
  • Optimal plant potassium levels maximise uptake of applied nitrogen to ensure peak Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE)
  • PolyNK can be tank mixed safely with crop protection products, saving the need for a second application
  • PolyNK is available in 1,000 litre IBCs.

Application guidelines

PolyNK should be applied when the leaf canopy is sufficiently developed at 10 – 20 litres per hectare during maximum growth.