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BFS NitroSulph contains inhibitors

With BFS Nitrosulph, no extra inhibitors are needed

From 1 April 2024, new industry standards aimed at reducing ammonia emissions to the atmosphere will require inhibitors to be added to liquid and solid urea products. The new BFS NitroSulph formula already contains these inhibitors so you will not need to add anything else. 

Other key benefits of NitroSulph

Trials have shown that the inhibitors in NitroSulph are environmentally-friendly and they do not have a negative impact on soil biology, unlike many others currently available. The chart below shows NitroSulph's greater efficacy compared with other environmentally-friendly inhibitors widely available for liquid fertilisers.

NitroSulph is more concentrated than other products, so application rates can be lower and it takes up less storage space. Unlike other urease inhibited urea, NitroSulph does not have a limited shelf life and can be stored indefinitely.

While nitrogen fertiliser is key to growing a successful crop, reduced industrial emissions mean that plants need additional sulphur, particularly those growing on sandy or chalky soil. NitroSulph contains a superior sulphur source that features both quick and slow release components. Some sulphur is made available to the plant immediately on application and the rest is gradually converted to plant-accessible form by bacteria in the soil, providing an ongoing supply of the nutrient for several weeks.  Trial results also demonstrate that NitroSulph maximises the effectiveness of the nitrogen in the fertiliser, thus increasing its Nitrogen Use Efficiency. 

In addition, BFS NitroSulph has been shown to improve the absorption rate of other nutrients in the soil, such as phosphate, manganese and iron.