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Apply manganese this spring to avoid low yields

25th February 2019

Applying a manganese (Mn) dressing to cereal crops this spring could help to avoid low yields. One of nine essential trace elements, manganese plays a crucial role in the healthy development of plants, stimulating enzyme activity and the uptake of nitrogen, as well as promoting the energy cycle.

Manganese deficiency, usually in sandy, organic, and clay soils with a high pH, is a serious and widespread problem which can be difficult to spot. If left untreated, plants fail to utilise available nitrogen effectively, leading to pale, flaccid younger leaves. Plants have weaker resistance to disease, heat stress and drought, resulting in lower yields and, where severe patches occur, the loss of the plant altogether.

For cereals, a maintenance dressing of manganese can be applied in the spring with plant growth regulators and fungicides (see tank mixing and compatibility below) before a deficiency sets in. Or, if the crop is already showing signs of deficiency, it should be treated with remedial doses of manganese alone. These doses should be applied frequently and right from the onset of symptoms, whether in spring or autumn.

For peas: manganese can also help to prevent "marsh spot" in peas growing on alkaline soils and in fields on marsh land. It should be applied before the symptoms appear, at full flower/early pod set, and again in combination with fungicide and/or insecticide mixes if required (see tank mixing and compatibility below). Otherwise it is too late - the peas will be hollow.


BFS LiquiTec Manganese also contains sulphur 22% (S03) and has been formulated for the rapid correction of Mn deficiency in growing plants.

Apply as recommended by a qualified FACTS-registered agronomist, diluted in a minimum of 200 litres of water at a rate of:

2 litres per ha – maintenance application

4 litres per ha – deficiency situation

Tank mixing and compatibility

BFS LiquiTec Manganese is physically and chemically compatible with most herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators but some products or combinations of products may not be suitable for tank mixing with such as products containing benazolin, mecroprop (CMPP), MCPA and 2,4D. Biological compatibility may vary according to seasonal, varietal and other factors. 

It is essential to correct severe manganese deficiency before application of pesticides.

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