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Order your PolyNPlus Maize now to aid late summer cob fill

4th July 2019

Maize needs nitrogen late in the growing cycle to aid cob fill in late summer. Soil-applied nitrogen is easily lost in dry summer conditions and slurry manures are not completely available to the plant. However, foliar nitrogen fertilisers have been shown to increase weight and improve starch yields. BFS PolyNPlus™ is a revolutionary foliar nitrogen fertiliser, formulated with ureic polymers, which eliminates nitrate losses and minimises ammonia emissions. PolyNPlus Maize (30-0-0-6+3.7Zn) should be applied at 8 to 12 leaf stages.

Key benefits of PolyNPlus

Minimal environmental impact: almost no volatilisation and no leaching; easier to comply with NVZ rules
100% uptake: perfect for dry conditions although rainfall is still required
Precision application through a sprayer – improved accuracy to the headlands (which take up approximately 5% of available land)

Minimal risk of scorch – safe, effective formulation
Compatible with most fungicides.

Specific PolyNPlus™ benefits for maize

PolyNPlus™ can be applied effectively later in the growing season to aid cob fill
Higher yields through a more efficient delivery of N
Improved dry matter and starch levels increase feed value
Compatibility – reduces number of passes needed

Efficient way to deliver N – row crop wheels on sprayers cause less damage than tractors on standard tyres.

Application guidelines

For application at 8-12 leaf stages, apply 25-40 litres of PolyNPlus Maize per ha diluted in 200-300 litres of water.