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The BFS spring nitrogen fertiliser programme

BFS sulphur improves crop quality 

Reduced industrial emissions mean that plants today, particularly those growing on sandy or chalky soil, need additional sulphur. The BFS NitroSulph range of liquid fertilisers contains a superior sulphur source that features both quick and slow release components. While some sulphur is made available to the plant immediately on application, the rest is gradually converted to plant-accessible form by bacteria in the soil, so providing an ongoing supply of nutrient for several weeks. While nitrogen fertiliser is key to growing a successful crop, trial results demonstrate that using it in the form of BFS NitroSulph maximises its effectiveness. 

Other key benefits of BFS NitroSulph

-Contains both nitrification and urease inhibitors, which help to reduce the loss of volatile ammonia to the atmosphere. This improves the Nitrogen Use Efficiency of the fertiliser, meaning more product is made available for plant uptake. NUE can be as high as 90% in good, moist growing conditions 

-Trials have shown that the application of BFS NitroSulph lowers local soil pH, allowing locked-up nutrients, notably phosphates, manganese and iron, to be made available to the plant

-More concentrated than other available products, so application rates can be lower and less space is needed for storage.

Application guidelines

Apply in two to three applications prior to flag leaf. BFS Fertiliser Services can tailor grades to suit each farm's crop specific requirements. Commonly used grades are: 




More information

Find more information about NitroSulph here or please contact us.